19 May 2011

Thursday Readings

  • Women graduates, including MBAs, earn less than their male counterparts, for the same work. (Washington Post)
  • Abbottabad raid was humiliating to Pakistanis, says US Defence Secretary. (CNN)
  • A terrific article, with a superb chart, on India's welfare schemes. (The Economist)
  • Terrorism after Revolutions. (Foreign Affairs; registration required - it's free!)


The King of Kings said...
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The King of Kings said...

The essential and indomitable American spirit is beautifully verbalised by President Obama as "Our American journey has always been propelled by a spirit and strength that sets us apart." "When tough times inevitably come ... we remember our moral compass (and recall) that we're all in this together."
India has a thing or two to grasp from this.