13 July 2011

Unsolved Mystery: Reactions to Post Disappear!

As you know, in the footer to each post, I have included Reactions to the Post via check boxes, like - Is this Post - Knowledge Add, Cool, Stupid. 

Till about 4 pm on July 12, the post titled The Explainer: Foreign Direct Investment had 62 Knowledge Add and 18 Cool reactions (with 0 Stupid). 

Currently, I find that there are only 50 Knowledge Add and 16 Cool; effectively, this means that reactions have disappeared! 

How can this happen? If you can throw some light on this, please post comment.



Hello Sir, I understood 1 thing...That if i click on the check box the number increases and then if i come back next day and click on the same check box the number is decreasing which means it has a facility to take back the reaction put in by the visitors. I think that may be one of the reasons..

Nish said...

Sir,Even blogspot doesnt like your fame...:P

Anonymous said...

yes sir i two think the same thing might happpen what tilak has said