16 August 2011

Technological Revolution: Some Milestones

Technology has seeped deep into our lives, so much so that we can not think of running through a day without our communication devices, like mobile phone and the Internet.

Was it always like this? Not really. Electronic mail (e-mail) was created by Ray Tomlinson just four decades back, in 1971. Incidentally, Ray, the father of the e-mail, was also the first to use the @ symbol in the address bar. 

Similarly, the first cell phone was created by Martin Cooper of Motorola in 1973. It is for this reason that Cooper is often called the father of the cell phone. 

Just to bring it in here, yesterday Google, the maker of Android, acquired the pioneering Motorola Mobility for a little over U.S.$12 billion, along with over 17000 patents. The deal is likely to usher in some real hardcore mobile wars. In the dynamic mobile ecosystem, it is now going to be Google vs Samsung vs Apple vs RIM vs Nokia. 

Here is an infographic, found at Rackspacethat captures the evolution of the Technological Revolution. 

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