26 November 2011

The Great NDTV Rope Act

In a story titled, 'The Great Fraud Act' (Nov 7), posted on this blog, I wrote about the manipulative practices and corruption involving NDTV news network, led by Prannoy James Roy.  

In that story, I wrote that Roy's NDTV panders to the Sonia Maino-led CONgress party's agenda because of its own needs; the CBI had filed cheating cases against Roy and NDTV. So its
quid pro quo: NDTV becomes the CONgress party's mouthpiece while the CONgress party takes care of the cheating cases.

Now more evidence has emerged in this regard. On November 15, 2011, S. K. Shrivatsava, Commissioner of Income Tax, Delhi, filed an affidavit against NDTV and its management, accusing them of receiving bribe money of Rs2000 crores (Rs Two Thousand Crores) on behalf of some beneficiaries in the 2G scam.

The affidavit also mentions the role of P. Chidambaram in harassing the honest Indian Revenue Service (IRS) by filing false charges of rape.

I think you should read the affidavit; it is 32-page long and, like most legal documents, is repetitive. 

For the complete affidavit, click
here. I suggest that you check out Page 24 onward for a greater understanding of NDTV's corrupt and strong arm tactics.

Spread the word. Share the link to this post with friends; people should know the truth about corupt and biased media network channels like NDTV. 

No news channel in the electronic media or publication in the print media carried this story. There are several reasons for this; the most important is that they are all naked when it comes to peddling lies and furthering their agenda. 


Anonymous said...

Amazing information, hardly seen in any other media, even online media. I think the main stream media will soon pick it up. I think N R Narayana Murthy should comment on this as he has been on the NDTV Board for the duration of time, and Murthy claims to support clean operation and transparency. Can Murthy be silent ?

Kranthi said...

Hi sir..thanks for info. Can you do similar for other news channels and recent one's like republic which are politically affiliated