04 April 2012

Wednesday Readings - The Best of Politics, Economics, & Ideas

  • Why MBAs should consider Operations Management. (Businessweek)
  • Listen to the voice of imprisoned innocents branded as Naxals. (The Week) 
  • The ills and benefits of IPL. This is one of the most flogged GD / essay topics at b-schools in the last few years. (The Hindu)
  • This guy is fast becoming the scourge of Big Business in India. (Outlook) Here's one gem from this double MBA: “In India, dealings with ‘related parties’ are the norm, and most ‘related party’ dealings are a means to siphon funds from the publicly traded entity for the benefit of majority owners. We will highlight this.”

The cartoon below perfectly captures the changing political landscape in Myanmar. I found it here.

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Nakul Kothari said...

very informative articles...