19 June 2012

Datagraphic on the World's Best MBA Colleges

Data have always fascinated me. As an MBA entrance test prep teacher, almost on a daily basis I face questions on various kinds of management programs and the schools that offer them.
To give the right advice calls for access to the right kind of data (information, including figures); I believe that only if I have the right data, I can give the right advice, something that will help the MBA aspirant make the right decision. After all the choice of school and program is crucial in helping one acquire learning and skills, both of which are central to realise one’s career goal. 

Today, I am going to share a self-made datagraphic on the World’s Best MBA Colleges. The data sources have been listed; i
n this datagraphic, you will not find the names in alphabetical order. I have taken the names from The Economist Which MBA listing. However, I have collected all the relevant data from the Websites of the schools.

I have not included data on the two-year programs offered by Indian MBA colleges; maybe I will come up with one such datagraphic later. 

In case you wish to share this datagraphic, please carry the link to this page on your blog/FB/Twitter account.

Feel free to post your comments. 

Click on the graphic for a gigantic view.


Sandhya Aparna said...

It will be very helpful sir... Thanx alot...

Anonymous said...

Very nice Datagraphic, thank you sir

Anonymous said...

Sir can you please make it for indian 2 yr mba progs

srivashist said...

Hi Bharat,

This is exactly what I was looking for!! :)

As always a brilliant collation useful to all of us!

Just wanted to check, the applicant ratio = No of seats/ no of applied? Data point for NUS in that case, seems off. :) Just caught my eye..

Thanks and Best!

Unknown said...

sir i'm looking for 2years MBA program in worlds top colleges for freshers sir can you please help me sir