15 July 2012

Sunday Reads - China Special Edition

Presenting the Sunday Reads China Special Edition!
Source: UN Data

  • Playing with fire: Obama's threat to China. (AlJazeera) This is a Dec 2011 article but  very topical today.
China’s current economic slowdown has no shortage of causes: Europe’s financial turmoil, sputtering recovery in the United States, and weak domestic investment growth, to name the most commonly cited factors. Since exports and investment account, respectively, for 30% and 40% of China’s GDP growth, its economy is particularly vulnerable to... 
  • China's Hong Kong: A city apart. (Economist)
Audio-video slideshow: Check this awesome BBC photo feature, with commentary, capturing China's past. 

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Avinash K said...

Of the top 3 articles, loved the one on Why China cannot adjust! gave an idea of how Chinese economy works..