14 October 2012

Sunday Reads - Football, Religion, Politics, & James Bond

Football, religion, politics, economics, this collection of Sunday Reads has it all!

  • The strange relationship between Lionel Messi and his hometown. (ESPN
  • The myth that screwed fifty years of America's foreign policy. (Foreign Policy)
  • Why we don't talk about inequality—and how to start again. (Caravan)

Fifty years ago, on October 5, the first James Bond film was released. Here's a firstshowing.com infographic capturing five decades of the most successful filmy spy in history.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Jain,

While I was entering this page, I was guessing which religion you would choose to provide an article on and my guess was bang on the target. As you have been writing and exploring this domain for such a long time ,you have become perfect in the art of xenophobia and Islam bashing. But tell me one thing what keeps your drive of spewing hatred against a particular religion going on endlessly? Are you paid by someone for this kind of reporting or is it your innate quality?

From Belal

Bharat C. Jain said...


This blog is a forum for sharing my way of looking at our world, my world.

I wonder what made you spew venom on this blog - a link to an article on a particular ritual practiced by a small group of people in the world's largest Islamist society? It shows your xenophobia and insecurity; your comments make me wonder if you believe you are more Muslim than the characters in this story.

You saw religion where I saw simple human desires of ordinary human beings who wish to live secure, happy and prosperous lives; the leading character Sarimah wants. The story of Sarimah – her vulnerability, lack of financial security, her firm belief in herself and her faith – is the story of tens of millions of people around the world. You saw a distorted version of religion and I saw basic humanity.

I wonder what have you got to say about the blog articles on the marital status of Jesus (http://bjnocabbages.blogspot.in/2012/09/sunday-reads-best-of-politics-economics_23.html), the great courage of Naseema (http://bjnocabbages.blogspot.in/2012/09/mid-week-reads-best-of-politics_4447.html), and dangerous caste divisions among the Hindus in the Bihar police (http://bjnocabbages.blogspot.in/2012/10/mid-week-reads-best-of-politics_11.html).

These articles are about ordinary people and great ideas; what shapes your perception will depend on your perspective and respect for others.

Under the wonderful cloak of anonymity and a common first name, please share your ideas but do not hurl insults. Learn from your wonderful faith that preaches respect for all.



Avinash K said...

I never found the articles posted here to be biased. Articles as mentioned such as the marital status of Jesus, Caste barracks in Bihar police, Taliban shooting a lady prove the same point.
And as for the article under the scanner, the article never states that the ritual performed is Islamic practice. Neither the author nor the people mentioned in the story confirmed that. It is more of a cultural ritual rather than a religious ritual.

Avinash K said...

Wow! a world war averted! that's a very nice thing to hear! Well done JFK and Khrushchev! I found the below link more interesting than the one mentioned! it's a slideshow with details :)