30 June 2013

Sunday Reads - Man at Work & The Inspirational Imax Boss

After a two-week break, including a nine-day vacation, I am back to blogging. Let me start with Sunday Reads.
  • Rich Gelfond: Imax boss who started off shining shoes. (BBC)
  • What possessed him? Rajat Gupta's Great Fall and America's Indian Elites. (The Financialist
  • Man at work, business as usual. (New Indian Express)
  • I don't see China becoming a superpower in this century: Timothy Beardson (Economic Times)

The Economist
 has a terrific cartoon on the Edward Snowden affair, with the U.S. (Uncle Sam) and Russia (Bear) engaging in a diplomatic war of words.

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Avinash K said...

LoL! Funny cartoon!