29 January 2014

Geography as History

Geography is one of my most favourite subjects. I have always believed that all history, of mankind and of everything around us, is the result of geography. If you had attended any of my classes, then you would have often heard me say that, "geography is the greatest determinant of history". 

Yesterday, I stumbled onto a remarkable piece in The Times of India, which related the story of how geography has rarely withstood the test of history. I think the reverse is a greater truth. 

Here's an excerpt:

From 1900 to 2011, the world atlas was redrawn several times, giving birth to 154 of the total 196 modern states (193 UN members and three non members). On average, every year since 1900 has witnessed the birth of more than one new nation. Roughly 68% of the world's inhibited area got its national identity during this period. Also, 83% of the world's population lives in geographical countries which didn't exist before 1900.

Go, read the complete piece.

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