10 February 2014

Monday Reads - India's Missing Women & AAP's Double Face?

In their insightful piece on India's missing women, Mudit Kapoor and Shamika Ravi lament that, "even though fair elections are held at regular intervals for State Assemblies and Parliament, they do not reflect the true consent of the people because a large number of women are missing from the electorate".

The readers of this blog know that I do not trust the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). A few days back, Somanth Bharti, law minister in the Delhi government, led a mob to raid the home of some Ugandan women, accusing them of being indulging in drug trafficking. Was it morality or the lure of realty that prompted 'moral police' to accuse the Ugandans of drug trafficking? Frontline has an interesting article

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