06 September 2014

Book Excerpt: The Cold War: A New History

This book excerpt should have appeared in this space yesterday. I am a short vacation, so I could not post it yesterday.

This week's excerpt is from The Cold War: A New History, by John Lewis Gaddis. I have read a lot of stuff on the history of the Cold War. But this is by far the best work on the turbulent history of the war of nerves between the two major power blocs of the United States and the Soviet Union. 

Title: The Cold War: A New History
Author: John Lewis Gaddis

Publisher: Penguin
Pages featured here: 66-69

Note: All copyrights/trademarks belong to the owners of the publication/author(s). It is not my intention to profit from their work. In fact, I just wish that the readers of this blog are encouraged to buy/read the works represented here. 

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