28 September 2015



Unknown said...

Used by President of India before adopting the official Indian flag.
1st part 4 lions is Emblem of India.
4th part lotus represents prosperity.
Not sure about the rest

Deepak said...

President of India.

an&gi2 said...

Known as 'The Presidential Standard'. It was used by the President of India from Jan 26, 1950 to Aug 15, 1947.

Bharat C. Jain said...

Anand, Vamsi and Deepak are right. Here's the right answer is:

Used by the President of India between 1947 and 1971.

1st quarter: The lion capitol (of Sarnath), which is also the Emblem of India, to represent unity;
2nd quarter: A lively elephant from a 5th-century Ajanta cave painting, to represent patience and strength;
3rd quarter: Scales from the 17th-century Red Fort, Old Delhi, to represent justice and economy, and
4th quarter: A vase of lotus from Sarnath, to represent prosperity.