23 November 2015

Paris Attacks: Putin's Bond Movie-like Command Centre & Best Cartoon Response to IS

No post in the last 25 days due to travelling and an otherwise busy schedule. 

In the light of the deadly Paris attacks, I am sharing some four five interesting pieces:
  • Putin's James Bond movie-like war command centre. (WaPo)
  • Gurumurthy on the Paris Mastermind. (New IE) Hat tip: Mohan Ramiah.
  • Saudi funds fan ultra-conservative Islam in India. (First Post)
  • Wedded to the organisation - How IS changed everything for three young women. (Telegraph India)
  • Why Abdelhamid Abaaoud wanted to die. (FP)

The best cartoon on the Paris attacks is one by Deb Milbrath, of the Cartoon Movement. 

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