16 May 2016

Indiana Joneses & Other Reads

General Reads

  • Calling all Indiana Joneses: Clue to Undiscovered Asokan Inscriptions (Telegraph India)
  • What you need to know about India's missile defence shield. Read the comments also. (Dawn - yes, its a Pakistani newspaper)
  • China's Cultural Revolution: No desire to dwell on the past (BBC)

Photo Gallery

Controversial Read
  • Reconciling three narratives about global growth (Bloomberg)


In a test match between Australia and West Indies, Ramnaresh Sarwan scored a superb century. In that innings, Glenn McGrath bowled an unplayable bouncer that zoomed past Sarwan’s face. McGrath went up to Sarwan and said, "How does Lara’s d%ck taste, mate?”. Sharp came the reply from Sarwan: ”Go and ask your wife.” 

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