04 October 2018

Did India exist as a political entity before 1947?

Continuation of yesterday's post.

The second speaker was Prof. Runa Sarkar, Dean and Professor of Economics at the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIMC). She opened her remarks with a flourish: 
“I think the topic is about India’s rich legacy. But India as a political entity became a reality only in 1947. So, I think we should interpret the topic as ‘legacy of the Indian subcontinent’.”
This is the usual semantic gimmickry that the liberals often come up with. I wanted to confront her with one question: 
"So, did the British, in 1600, set up the East ‘Subcontinent of India’ Company or did they name it the East INDIA Company?"
But I was not allowed to ask a second question. The well-meaning moderator said that other folks in the audience should get a chance to ask questions.  Well, then came a great question from a gentleman: 
"I think the greatest legacy of India is her spiritual heritage. What do you think should the younger generation do to take it forward?"
Pat came the reply from Prof. Sarkar: 
"I do not think the spiritual legacy you mentioned is the exclusive preserve of India. There is no legacy that is only our own. It belongs to the world at large."
Living in denial comes so natural to the liberals. Is that how such an insightful and deeply relevant question should be answered? 

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subramanyam K .V. said...

I took one course under this lady. From what I understand about her, this answer should not come as a shocker at all. The way she spoke about capitalism and the ills in a 4-hour lecture made me feel that she does not even hold the free markets in a high regard.

Some how the liberals are cut off from the roots completely.