01 January 2012

BJ's NoCabbages in 2012: A Brief Note

Let me begin with my wishes for a wonderful new year! 

I started blogging on 14 May 2011, with primary focus on economics and politics. Of course, there have been numerous posts on test prep stuff too, especially with infographics.

I intend to bring a few simple changes: from today, this blog will feature a daily reading list, with links to articles around the Web, greater focus on the Indian economy, and international politics. 

If you wish to share what you are reading, please either email (
bharatcjain11@gmail.com) or post the link to the article, with a short note, in the Comments section. 

May you live all the days of your life!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Sir...:)

Anonymous said...

happy new year sir :)

CVA said...

Happy new year Sir.

sirish said...

Dear Sir,
Happy New Year. I appreciate your efforts. I wish readers of your blog should benefit from it as always.

Rohith castelino said...

Happy new year Sir,
May God bless you,
The daily readings which you suggest are extraordinary.