15 March 2012

7 Thursday Reads - The Best of Politics, Economics, & Ideas

Check out these interesting reads and views. 
  • The real reasons why SP won in Uttar Pradesh. Read this excerpt from Francois Gautier's DNA article.
The truth is that the Muslim population keeps growing and thus its electoral clout keeps increasing. Look at the statistics in UP: there are around 140 constituencies where Muslims are around 30% of the population. While in 73 assembly seats the community is between 20-29% of the population, its population is over 30% in 67 constituencies. This is why the SP won in 72 constituencies with a Muslim majority. 
India needs courageous politicians who will ask everybody to vote Indian in the interest of the larger Indian nation, and will tell the Muslim community that their first afflation is to their country India, which gives them freedom and equal opportunity, which Hindus neither get in Pakistan, Bangladesh or the Gulf countries. (End of excerpt)
  • A marketer's tribute to the soda can. (BusinessWeek)
  • Goldman Sachs director in London quits 'toxic bank'. (Reuters)
  • India is a nation of tinkerers and not innovators. (Live Mint)
  • Interview with Sir Jonathan Ive, the iMan & Chief Designer at Apple. (Evening Standard)
  • Audio & photo slideshow of journeys through Sudan and South Sudan. (BBC)
  • Can Income Tax be abolished? (Economic Times)
Rail Minister Dinesh Trivedi, a Trinamool MP, raised rail fares, which earned him a serious rap from his leader, Mamata Banerjee. In fact, she has demanded his resignation! Here is India Today's Narsim's take on the plight of being Mamata's party man.


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