09 March 2012

Dark Humour from North Korea

In a society where starvation and deprivation define life, humour is a distant idea. 

orth Korea is one of the most repressive and closed societies on this planet. However, even in a morbid place like North Korea, humour helps people get through their darkest moments. 

Here's one for you:

Which is the greatest economic system?

Professor: “Comrade students, how many economic-political systems are there in the world?”
Student: “There are three such systems: The capitalist economic-political system, the North Korean socialist economic system, and the Chinese eclectic system.”
Professor: “Then, among these three systems, which one is the greatest?”
Student: “Well, it might be rather difficult to answer that question.”
Professor: “What kind of an answer is that? There is only one clear answer! Our style of socialist economic-political system is the greatest, as this is the system that’s destined to conquer the entire world and spur eternal economic development!”
Student: “Professor, that is great, indeed… But if our system takes over the world and all of the other countries and economic-political systems, then whom are we going to ask for food aid?”
Find more North Korean dark humour on the Radio Free Asia

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