24 May 2012

Mid-Week Reads - The Best of Politics, Economics, & Ideas

Here's your Mid-Week installment of interesting reads.
  • How Thomas Edison, Mark Zuckerberg and Iron Man are holding back American innovation. (WaPo)
  • An idea worth at least 40 nanoKardashians of your attention. (Ethan Zuckerman
  • Indian economy: 2004-14 will be as damaging as mid 60s, 70s. (ET Blog
  • Teaching the language of the enemy. (NYT)

A Thomson Reuters infographic depicting neat comparison between smartphones.

1 comment:

Avinash K said...

Second article was 100 kardashian witty but the article on Indain economy disappointed me just when it was getting interesting the author stopped it abruptly i feel..wish it was little more detailed..i see a lot of other foreign articles which are lengthy sadly indian economy one is not