12 January 2017

General GK topics for GDPI

Preparing for GDPI (also called GWPI)? Focus on the following general knowledge areas.

Global political & social issues
  • Donald Trump & American politics
  • Russian role in U.S. elections – hacking, funding
  • China – South China Sea, political & military muscle-flexing; 
  • Syrian crisis – civil war, Islamic State;
  • Israel-Palestine imbroglio;
  • Rising authoritarianism in Turkey
    • Failed coup
    • Purge against followers of Fethullah Gulen
    • Stand on Armenian genocide
  • Korean peninsula
    • North Korea’s nukes, missiles, nature of state; 
    • South Korea – corruption scandal, impeachment, leadership crisis, business scandal (Samsung)
  • Terrorism in Afghanistan & Pakistan;
  • War in Yemen
  • Cyprus
  • Refugee crisis in EU and changing attitudes towards refugees. 

National political & social issues
  • State politicso   Assembly elections in five states 
    o   UP political dramao   Changes in TNo   Delhi & AAPo   Drug crisis in Punjabo   Chit scams in Bengal
  •  J&K   Article 370 Jammu-Valley tussle;
  • Naxalism – origin, ideology, reach, methods;
  • Cauvery & other river water dispute
  • Sport o   BCCI & Lodha Committeeo   Poor governance, infrastructure & performance o   Social Media - freedom of speech & curbs;
  • Gender-related issues, including safety issues, and
  • Religion – conversions & reconversions debate.

    Also read Economic Issues for GDPI. 

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