06 June 2011

A Profound Thought

I have always liked Woody Allen and his films. The guy is a little lot different from most people. 

Here is Allen, at his best. The context does not matter; Most of us would identify with these profound thoughts; they echo some elements inside us. 

"I have no apprehension whatsoever. I've been through this so many times. And I found that one way or the other, your life doesn't change at all. Which is sad, in a way. Because the people love your film... nothing great happens. And people hate your film... nothing terrible happens. Many years ago, I would... I would... a film of mine would open, and it would get great reviews, and I would go down and look at the movie theater. There'd be a line around the block. And when a film is reviled, you open a film and people say "Oh, it's the stupidest thing, it's the worst movie." You think: oh, nobody's going to ever speak to you again. But, it doesn't happen. Nobody cares. You know, they read it and they say "Oh, they hated your film." You care, at the time. But they don't. Nobody else cares. They're not interested. They've got their own lives, and their own problems, and their own shadows on their lungs, and their x-rays. And, you know, they've got their own stuff they're dealing with.... So, I'm just never nervous about it."
Isn't it profound? Post your thoughts in the comments section. 


Nish said...

Like the "No one cares" part...This has been an intriguing thought since I have entered into the corporate world...!!!

Vardhman said...

"The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about"
- Oscar Wilde