14 September 2011

Jobs: World's Biggest Employers & Shedders

Walmart is the world's biggest corporate employer, even bettering the humongous state-owned companies in China. In this list of the planet's top 15 employers, you will find seven public sector companies and one private company from China. 

Foxconn, the biggest Chinese private sector employer, is the largest producer of iPhones for Apple. In fact, it produces nearly, according to some estimates, 85% of all iPhones. However, it has a dubious distinction: tens of its employees have committed suicide, especially after jumping from the rises of the manufacturing giant's plants. 

The superb infographic below, sourced from The Economist (click here for the link to the chart), captures two important sets of facts and figures: world's largest corporate employers and job cullers. Given the already weak global economic scenario, especially in the U.S. and the Eurozone, more companies will shed huge number of employees in the days and weeks to come. 

Indian Railways, with 1.2 million employees, is a notable name missing from the list; it could be because rather than a state-owned corporate, it is a departmental undertaking of the Ministry of Railways, Government of India.


Random MBA Guy said...

you have got a great blog out here, Sir....!!

Seeing Sinopec in the graph... I just remembered an interesting article from the economist...


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Dheep Joy said...

Dear Sir,

The Indian Railways is included in this list.