04 September 2011

My Blogroll - First Installment

he response to BJ's 15-Minute Learning Rule has been phenomenal, something I did not expect. Thank you!

Some readers suggested that I share the names of Web sites / blogs, which I access to learn. If there is something that I like as much as learning, then it is sharing that learning! 

In the first installment of a multi-post series, I bring you five of my favourite Web sites / blogs:


Prof Vijay Govindarajan is a world renowned authority on strategy and innovation. His articles are full of insight and nuggets of uncommon wisdom.
Brahma Chellaney is a professor at the New Delhi-based Centre for Policy Research in New Delhi and author of Water: Asia’s New Battleground. One of India's best defence and military strategy experts, you will particularly like his analyses of Indian strategic and foreign policy issues.
I have read both the works of Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner - the immensely interesting Freakonomics and its poor (at least in IMHO) sequel, Superfreakonomics. Being unconventional in most things I do, I like their unconventional takes on matters conventional.  
I like economics, particularly global economics. For all matters pertaining to the U.S. economy, there is no portal better than this; trust me, Barry Ritholtz's take on all matters American economy is perspicacious. 
Though I do not believe that the BBC is impartial and objective, it still is a very good source on most global current issues, including on technology issues. I suggest that you check out its Special Reports section, which is a treasure trove of backgrounders on crucial global issues.
I hope this first installment helps; there are a large number of sites I follow. But as I said they all will come in an installment series.


Dheep Joy said...

Dear Bharat Sir,

Thank you very much. Would lie in waiting for further installments.

"If there is something that I like as much as learning, then it is sharing that learning!" - inspirational statement.

And Happy Teachers' Day to you sir,

Dileep said...

Thank you, Bharat

Anonymous said...


In your next instalment, please to include a good source/blog on the Indian economy, something on the same lines as Ritholtz's blog.

Deep Patel said...

Thanks a lot sir!This is a really great compilation