26 September 2011

My Best Reads of Sep 18-26

After I read an article, I ask myself if its worth sharing with my readers (especially the student community visiting this blog). If the answer is yes, then you will find it in this space. How do I arrive at an yes or a no? 

If the article adds knowledge, especially in the way of preparation for GD /  Essay-writing / Interview (essential stages in the b-school selection process), then the answer is yes. Its as simple as this.

One note of caution: When I post the link to an article, it is not always true that I subscribe to the view / opinions of the writer / journal. The objective behind this exercise is simple: share learning. 

  • Is the Chinese economy slowing? (NYT)
  • China's rise is inevitable. (Foreign Affairs; registration required; it's free!)
  • A rogue trader committed a U.S.$2 billion scam at UBS, one of the largest global banks. How do rogue traders do it? (BBC)
  • Palestine's bid for UN membership: Q&A on bidIsraeli viewPalestinian view (BBC)
  • James Gleick on how information became a thing. (Discovery mag) I suggest that you read  Gleick’s Chaos, a compelling read.
  • Ram Jethmalani on why the proposed communal bill is highly divisive. (The New Indian Express)
  • The Return of Vladimir Putin to the Kremlin. (FP)
  • Stupidity is alive and kicking. How? (Science)
  • How to make money from printing money (BBC)
  • Neutrinos faster than light. (Nat Geo)


Dheep Joy said...

Dear Sir,

At least some of these reads are truly wonderful.

Thank you,

Naresh said...

I dont understand how degrade in sensex or credit rating will increase gold rates..please explain me sir..