12 February 2013

Kim does it! - NK's Nuke Test

North Korea has tested a nuclear device, its third test. The first and second tests were held in 2006 and 2009 respectively. The test has once again underscored the pariah nature of the regime. The Kim family runs the nation like a personal fiefdom, one that does not give a damn about the welfare of its citizens. 
Kim Jong-Un, North Korean leader

The rogue regime is splurging millions of dollars on building weapons of mass destruction even while millions of North Koreans are starving for food, with some even resorting to cannibalism to survive. 

In the light of this latest nuke test by North Korea, I share with you an earlier post I wrote on this highly reclusive nation: The Explainer: North Korea

However, its not all dark there; there is dark humour too. 


Anonymous said...

Any suggestion or link to understand the world war 1 and 2. Not able to connect all the events together. Any insights would be valuable for me.

Avinash K said...

@above, try reading Mein Kampf, you'll get a perspective of Adolf Hitler. Not an easy read but with some efforts you would be able to understand the worldwars.

Avinash K said...

I was looking for China's reaction as soon as I heard about nuke test. To my surprise China was condemning the test strongly! Wonder if there's anything more to that!