03 February 2013

Sunday Reads - Tehranimal Farm & Algeria's Frankenstein

A few days back, I had delivered a talk on Iran's nuclear ambitions where I had talked about the atmosphere of fear and misery in the world's largest Shia republic. Foreign Policy has an interesting piece titled Tehranimal Farm on how George Orwell, the author of all-time classics like Animal Farm and 1984, explains today's Iran.

Argentina censured by the IMF for fudging economic data. Bloomberg has more on this.

Algeria's policy of supporting the Islamists has comeback to haunt it. As they say, for Algeria the chickens have come home to roost. Read this NYT piece on this topical issue.

"Why we tell lies at work," asks BusinessWeek. "Most of the lying that happens at work is a simple matter of ass-covering. You forgot to do something or elided some onerous task, and a fib squeaks out: a traffic jam that cost you an hour, a “lost” e-mail, or some other missed connection, all in the interest of buying time to recover."

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