23 November 2014

Sunday Reads + Infographic - Hidden History of the Owaisis

  • Hidden history of the Owaisis: what the AIMIM doesn't want you to know. (FirstPost)
  • Google's Larry Page: The most ambitious CEO in the universe. (Fortune)
  • The Hummingbird Effect: How Galileo invented time and gave rise to the modern tyranny of the clock. (Brain Pickings)
  • Uber co-founder is always on the warpath. (Vanity Fair)
Check out the below infographic, from Reuters, on women's land rights.


Anonymous said...

This writer should also write such an article about RSS. I am sure we will find out a lot of the HIDDEN history about them too.

Razakars = RSS

Siddhartha Kothapally said...

No wonder that the comment is by an anonymous head. RSS = Razakars ? Whoever said that has no clue about who Razakars were.

Anonymous said...

No the RSS aren't Like Razakars.
The Razakars were radical Muslims who committed huge atrocities. They terroirsed the telangana state and still cash on the fear (which they themselves create) to win elections in Hyderabad which Sardar Patel and Nehru turned a blind eye to during operation Polo.

The RSS on the other hand are inspired from the Nazis and believed and believe in a Hindu state and take pledges to give up their lives to the cause of unitying India under Hinduism. They disown anyone who commits any public atrocities as not their member and hence BJP and others pretend to turn a blind eye to them.

One is similar to the Taliban and the other to the Nazis. Both patriarchal both extremists. One is violent directly and then other politically.