24 January 2013

Did we go to the Moon?

Over the years, I have often heard that the U.S. never made it to the Moon in 1969 and that the whole thing was a big fake. 

I have never believed in the 'fake Moon landing' theory; if terming it fake, we would only be belittling the effort of the courageous men and women associated with the Moon landing project. 

Ever since the first human landing on the Moon, we have accumulated a great deal of knowledge of our only natural satellite. We have used such knowledge to great effect by launching further endeavors directed at the Moon, one of them being India's very Chandrayaan - I mission.

I stumbled on this cool video where SG Collins calls the bluff of the conspiracy theorists about the Moon landing. 

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Avinash K said...

Well, how easy it is to play with human brains! present a logic you believe it and present a good counter logic you realise how wrong you were! Should cultivate the habit of not being carried away by logics!