10 January 2013

Mid-Week Reads - India's Stolen Girls & The Future as seen by Larry Page

Starting this year's Reads Series with this superb collection:

  • The girls stolen from the streets of India. (BBC)
  • The future according to Larry Page. (Fortune)
  • Cash transfer scheme may hurt girls and kids, says Amartya Sen. (The Hindu

Ever wondered how many prisoners are there in India's central jails that dot the entire landscape of this nation? 

According to the Indian Home Ministry, there are more than 1.6 lakh inmates in central jails, not to speak of lakhs more in state-owned prisons. 

Check this interesting infographic I picked on this subject from the Financial Express. As the infographic reveals, several of these central jails are overcrowded, leading to a host of problems like poor sanitation and sleep deprivation.


Subramaniyam said...

Thanks for the Come Back.. Expecting Interesting Reads from the page in future

Avinash K said...

Reading 'The girls stolen from the streets of India' directed me towards the root cause of female foeticides, woman trafficking. I feel corruption at it's core is just wiping out any chance of justice. The trafficker's statements reveal the ugly reality about the police and politicians.