20 January 2013

Sunday Reads: I-Banking in Crisis & Wrapped in Smog

After four agonizing days when this blog in the dynamic view was down, it is back but in the old world 'Simple' template style. The blog is up after I put into action some real good technical advice from Mishka of the Blogger Team. Thank you, Mishka!

So, let me get down to my favourite business of sharing learning.

  • Africa: Where black is not really beautiful (BBC)
  • Wrapped in smog: Something in the air (Economist)
  • Snakes & Ladders: Investment banking on the brink (Der Spiegel)
  • The evolutionary mystery of Homosexuality (Chronicle)

Nouriel Roubini, often called "Dr Doom" for his gloomy outlook, says even if the U.S. debt rating is downgraded and the country ends up in a double-dip recession the rest of the world still will turn to the dollar and Treasury bonds.

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