Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday Reads - Old India + Freezing people to death

  • Lesson from Old India: When an economy just doesn't get better. (NYT)
  • Myths about the Islamic State: Crazy, irrational, afraid of female soldiers. (Vox)
  • I freeze people to cheat death. (BBC Future)
  • The Hedge Fund and the Despot. (BusinessWeek)

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Explainer: What triggered the Gaza Crisis? (Israel-Hamas, Part 2)

Last week I wrote The Explainer: Gaza, Hamas, & Israel - Part I. Here is the second part of this Explainer series on the Gaza conflict.

What triggered the current crisis in Gaza?
Tensions between Israel and Hamas have been simmering for several years now. The latest conflict appears like just another episode in the long-running conflict between the two entities.

In the second fortnight of June, three Israeli Jewish teenagers, who were on their way from school, were abducted and killed. Their dead bodies were found a week later. Israel accused Hamas of abduction and killing of the Israeli teenagers, though the Israeli Government could not furnish any proof to substantiate their charges. 
While Hamas has consistently denied any role in this episode, many security experts believe it to be the handiwork of the Islamic Jihad, an extremist terror outfit. Islamic Jihad has major differences with Hamas, which it accuses of being too soft on Israel.
Soon after the dead bodies of the Israeli teenagers surfaced, a Palestinian Muslim teenager was killed by extremist Jews. (The perpetrators of this heinous crime were later arrested by Israeli security forces.)
Source: Mirror

How did Israel respond?
Israel launched a full-scale military assault against Hamas and other radical outfits in the Gaza 
For several days, Israel unleashed sophisticated weaponry against the radical terror groups. Hamas traded fire for fire; it launched hundreds of rockets into Israel from Gaza. However, Hamas' firepower is no match for the highly advanced weaponry used by the Israeli defence forces. Also, Israel uses the highly effective Iron Dome interceptor to ward off the threat of Hamas' rockets.
While ground assaults backed by air sorties helped destroy terror infrastructure, there has been massive civilian deaths. Unfortunately, over 2000 civilians, mostly innocent women and children, have been killed in the conflict. 
Hamas accused Israel of deliberately targeting schools, hospitals and mosques. But Israel blames Hamas of storing rockets in civilian venues, like schools and religious places.
After fighting bitterly for several weeks, currently there is a ceasefire between the two adversaries. The ceasefire was brokered by Egypt, a key member of the Muslim World and a neighbour of both Gaza and Israel.
More on the crisis in the Next Explainer.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Superhero Movies, Super Earnings

Superheroes are the ultimate saviours of humankind, at least that's what Hollywood would love us to believe. Among the plethora of superheroes, I particularly admire Robert Downey, Jr. for his acting prowess. 

It is a rare thing that a superhero does not rake in the moolah. Here's a list of the top earning superhero movies. This comes from ET.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

One Million Page Views + Sunday Reads

This blog,, was started in May 2011. Today, this blog has hit One Million page views! Thank you very much for visiting this blog. 

From today, there will be more posts, more sharing, and more learning.

Here's the collection of Sunday Reads.

  • What is the most blatant lie taught through Pakistan textbooks. (Dawn)
  • Israel, Gaza, War & Data. (Medium)
  • When she talks, banks shudder. (NYT)
  • From 1947-2014: India celebrates independence - a slideshow. (Hindu)