21 October 2018

Weekend Videos

  • Five things ants can teach us about management (3m 11s, BBC Ideas)
  • “A First-Class Catastrophe”: Lessons Learned from Black Monday (21m 14s, YouTube)
  • The life story of Microsoft founder Paul Allen (1m 16s, Business Today)

Graphics: India's Top Export & Import Partners

If you are preparing for any competitive exams, like related to bank, management, and civil services, the graphs below can help you a great deal. 

14 October 2018

Weekend Videos & Pix: Nikon Micro Pix, Inside Syria, & #MeToo

  • Nikon Small World winners zoom in on microscopic marvels (108 imagesNew Atlas)
  • Has #Metoo helped or harmed women? (video, 5 min 27 s, BBC Ideas)
  • Inside Syria (13 min, SNI)

06 October 2018

Weekend Videos - Spies, Secrets of FB, & the Sun

Check out these videos to rev up your learning this weekend.

  • Why our lives will keep revolving around the Sun (BBC Ideas, under 5 minutes)
  • Inside Facebook: Secrets of the Social Network (Al Jazeera, under 47 minutes)
  • How British spies made a cyber immune system (CNN, under 4 minutes)