20 July 2011

Infographic: Biggest Defence Forces on the Planet

I have always been fascinated by war, geopolitics, and military affairs. I read a lot on these issues, via a host of of sources.

The Economist Web site has an interesting infographic on the world's biggest defence forces. 

The infographic reinforces the superpower status of the United States. It has an almost equal proportion of personnel across the three wings of the services: army, air force, and the navy.

Demographics and till a few years back, lack of access to advanced military technology meant that while China could build the largest army, it still has a long way to match the naval and air force numbers of the world's lone superpower.

While India has the third largest armed forces in the world, we still have a marathon to run to match the defence technology standards set by some of the more advanced nations.

Check out another infographic on the world's largest military spenders.

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Ratnadeep said...

Particularly Navy Given the Fact that we have Water all around us Except for One Side....!!