01 January 2012

Best of Politics, Economics & Ideas

tarting today, a reading list of the best reads on politics, economics, and ideas will appear in this space. I read extensively on a diverse range of subjects; however, what appears in this space is not something I necessarily subscribe to. 

  • Employment generation fails to keep pace with India's economic growth. (Mint)
  • Investors lost Rs20 lakh crore in 2011. (Business Line)
  • Is it the end of the gold bull run? (BusinessWeek)
  • IIM or ISB? (The Pioneer)
  • Will China face a debt crisis this year? (The Economist)
  • What's the matter with Spain? (BBC)
  • The political power of Social Media. (Foreign Affairs; registration required - it is free!)
  • WTF News in 2011! (collection of bizarre news stories makes for fun reading; Outlook)
Let me leave you with this comic yet weird stuff. I read this a few months back and hence do not know its source. All copyrights belong to its copyrights holders. Please do not copy / share this picture. However, you are free to share any Web link in the above list.

1 comment:

Mohit said...

Sir, great read.The China issue is doing rounds and I was just wondering that if China faces a debt crisis, is there a case for it to undervalue the Yuan more.Yes, affects the Dollar very much and no wonder they would be concerned, but what happens to India when that happens?

The blog is just amazing, btw!