28 October 2012

Sunday Reads - The Best of Politics, Economics, & Ideas

An eclectic mix of reads:
  • How the Chinese Prime Minister's family amassed billions of dollars in hidden fortune. (NYT)
  • Is the worst for the Indian economy? (WSJ)

Foreign Policy has two interesting slideshows: one, the changing face of the holy city of Mecca and two, the March to Mecca

The photo below, captured by the author Ahmed Mater, comes with this text: "At this bus depot you can see people coming from countries and regions around the world: America, Andalusia, China, Malaysia, and so on. They come in groups, and each one wears its own version of white. People dress in modest white cloth for the hajj; this ihram clothing, which cannot be stitched and must not have any scent, symbolizes unification. Pilgrims are supposed to forget everything singular about their own lives and enter a similar spiritual state. There is no difference in race, color or class. Everyone comes together to meet one another and do hajj for one God."

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