10 May 2013

Abducted by Aliens?

Human beings have always been fascinated by the idea of aliens, or extraterrestrial life. Stories abound of UFO and alien sightings, but none offer conclusive evidence of the existence of aliens.

I have been believed that we, human beings, have always been arrogant to dismiss that idea of alien life, one that exists beyond our planet. Somewhere I believe in the words of Calvin (of Calvin & Hobbes): “Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us.”  

But do aliens exist? If yes, do they kidnap human beings? What do they do after kidnapping human beings? 

Today I read a remarkable and intriguing piece titled, Alien Nation: Have Humans Been Abducted by Extraterrestrials? by Ralph Blumenthal. The article relates the work of John Edward Mack on alien abductions. Here’s an excerpt:
 "Kathleen Marden, the director of abduction research for the Mutual UFO Network, or MUFON, one of the oldest and largest U.F.O.-investigating groups, was 13 in 1961, when her aunt and uncle Betty and Barney Hill returned from a trip through the White Mountains of New Hampshire with the stupefying tale of having been chased by a giant flying disc that hovered over the treetops. They said they had stopped for a look with binoculars, spotted humanoid figures in the craft and, overcome with terror, sped away with their car suddenly enveloped in buzzing vibrations. They reached home inexplicably hours late and afterward recovered memories of having been taken into the ship and subjected to frightening medical probes. Their car showed some peculiar markings, and Betty’s dress had been ripped, the zipper torn. She remembered that the aliens had fumbled with her zipper before disrobing her for a pregnancy test with a needle in her navel. I was surprised to hear from Marden (but confirmed it) that the garment is preserved at the University of New Hampshire, in Durham." (End of excerpt)

This long Vanity Fair article makes for fascinating reading.

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Avinash K said...

It's just a read for us but it's been the life for John Mack! Hats off to you Sir for sticking to your conviction till the end!