19 July 2013

Hikikomori - In Withdrawal

I think this is an unusual post to restart blogging after a gap of about three weeks. I read a piece on the BBC which talked about how some people retreat into their bedroom for months or years on end. They have a term for this behaviour - Hikikomori in Japanese. 

I suggest you read this insightful piece, which captures the thoughts and feelings of both the people in withdrawal (i.e., committing hikikomori) and their loved ones.

Here's an excerpt.

I shut myself away from society about 12 years ago. I still haven't recovered and spend my time alone. I don't work, I don't go out, and I survive on welfare. I think a major problem with people like me is that we're ultimately afraid of failure. Things have changed in the world. There are no longer secure career slots open for everyone with a little ambition and an education. We're afraid of becoming a part of even worse statistics, such as being homeless. 

Read the complete piece here.

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