27 February 2014

Datagraphic - Drinking Water Facility in Schools

Over the last few decades, the Government of India has been investing a lot in ramping up infrastructure in elementary and primary schools. Apart from classrooms, textbooks, toilets, and teachers, one of the most essential facilities that a school should have is drinking water availability. 

In a country where water is scarce, it is ambitious to think that the government should focus on providing drinking water in schools. However, things are changing, for good. According to the Planning Commission, at least 94.87% of schools across India have provision for drinking water. 

Given the trust deficit that I have toward government data, I find it tough to believe that less than 10% of Indian schools do not have access to drinking water facility. 

Double click on the graphic for a larger view.

According to the above datagraphic (sourced from www.data.gov.in), 100% of schools in Chandigarh, Delhi, and Lakshadweep have drinking water facility. On the other hand, Meghalaya has the lowest percentage of such schools (just 59% in 2012-13). Andhra Pradesh has seen a decrease in the percentage of such schools and is also below the national average.

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