02 April 2014

Tuesday Quiz - Late Edition

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tejas said...

General Motors
William C Durant - Co founder of GM
Louis Chevrolet - Founder of Chevrolet motor company which was later bought by GM
Mary Barra - The current CEO of GM

Unknown said...

Upper left- Willian C Durant->co-founder of General Motors with Frederic L. Smith, and of Chevrolet with Louis Chevrolet.

Lower Left- Gaston Chevrolet American racer and automobile manufacturer. He was brother of Louis Chevrolet who co-founded Chevrolet.

Right- Marry Barra,she is the Chief Executive Officer of General Motors, since January 15, 2014. Barra is the first female CEO of a major global automaker

Bharat C. Jain said...

Aditya Verma is bang on! Tejas came very very close to the full right answer.

Good work, Aditya and Tejas!