17 August 2014

One Million Page Views + Sunday Reads

This blog, www.bjnocabbages.com, was started in May 2011. Today, this blog has hit One Million page views! Thank you very much for visiting this blog. 

From today, there will be more posts, more sharing, and more learning.

Here's the collection of Sunday Reads.

  • What is the most blatant lie taught through Pakistan textbooks. (Dawn)
  • Israel, Gaza, War & Data. (Medium)
  • When she talks, banks shudder. (NYT)
  • From 1947-2014: India celebrates independence - a slideshow. (Hindu)


Anonymous said...

Thank you sir for making complex information very simple. Great work especially in the Explainer Series.

Keep writing sir. Complex is the new simple for BJ :)

Thank you once again :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Sir,

Hearty congratulations for the completion of 1 million hits.

I would like to introduce myself today. I am a regular visitor here from office, while travelling or just when in dire need of something good to read. Your blog has been my haven for great learning. Also, I had a chance to be in one of your classes at one time. You're doing wonderful job!

Your student, always!