14 January 2017

The Best Way to Crack GDPI

My last two posts focused on General Topics for GDPI and Economic Issues for GDPI

In this post, I will dwell on the other important aspects that you should focus on:

(a) Academics
  • Study your graduation subjects.
  • If you have favourite subject(s), you must be comfortable with almost everything related to this subject.
  • Also, throw a glance at your project(s) work and paper presentation(s).

  • Think about long term plans (even if not concrete);
  • Get a hang of things in your chosen line of activity; 
  • How your mental strengths and current skill set match your choice of career, and 
  • Also, think about Plan B, i.e., what if Plan A (of doing an MBA and later career choices) does not work out. 

 Personality-related Questions
  • Hobbies;
  • Mental strengths and weaknesses – think of instances where they came into play; 
  • How a particular strength helped you become better;
  • What are you doing to overcome/tackle any weakness, and
  • Information about home town/state – uniqueness, history, cuisine, comparison between home town and town of employment (if different from home town).
(d) Work-related 
  • Current work profile;
  • Company profile – financial figures, names of top executives, nature of business, strategy;
  • Current state of the industry, and 
  • What did you learn from work, etc.

 Also, prepare for questions on 
  • Why management career;
  • Why MBA;
  • Alternate career plan; 
  • What other calls do you have, and
  • Which school will you join (in case of multiple calls). 

Be invested in your future. Be passionate. Work hard. Keep learning!

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