01 March 2017

Freedom of Speech is a Two-Way Street

Gurmehar Kaur says that war, not Pakistan, killed her father; she also said that she is not afraid of ABVP and that students across the country are with her.

Yes, wars kill. But is the war against India OUR creation? Or is it Pakistan that has been using terrorism to wage a proxy war against India? Pakistan killed the father of this girl – the army man was fighting against Pakistan. (Captain Mandeep Singh, the girl’s father, was killed by Pakistan-sponsored terrorists.)

It is preposterous to say that war killed him - as if war happened by itself. The girl's comment is not anti-war; it is specially anti-ABVP as she is a member of AISA.

What wrong did Virendra Sehwag did? What crime did Randeep Hooda commit in (applauding and) retweeting Virendra Sehwag’s tweet? Do the Leftist-Liberals think that freedom of speech is their right only? The truth is that the Left-Liberals abuse anyone who does not agree with them. It is well-known that the Leftist-Liberals show a deep antipathy toward anything non-conformist (with their world view).

If the girl has the freedom of speech to flaunt her anti-ABVP views, so should anyone else, even those who are critical of the girl’s views be. Freedom of speech is a two-way street. It cannot be that the Leftist-Liberal muckrakers have the monopoly on a right guaranteed by the Constitution of India on all citizens of India.

I will not condone the behavior of anyone who threatens the girl. It is fair to disagree; it is wrong to be abusive. The BJP/ABVP activists who indulge in violence/issue threats of violence should be reined in; in a democracy, there is no place for violence to ‘settle’ scores (and points of disagreement).

Perhaps Ms Kaur does not realize that those who claim to support her and stand by her today will disappear tomorrow; her so-called supporters will desert her soon after she had served their purpose. Unfortunately, she may have to live with this episode even as her Leftist-Liberals desert her to catch their next scapegoat.

 To know more about her political backers, click here.


Unknown said...

Actually no one outside Delhi even care about this issue.
Students are busy preparing for their FINAL exams. Elders are still figuring out whether Demonatisation was a good initiative or not.Politicians are busy campaigning for UP elections....We don't need to prove (so called a group of JNU/ ABVP) that we are patriotic or not.

Unknown said...

Her comments were anti-war. Giving it a political angle is what people are doing.
The title "two way" is apt according to the context. Because text written is one way that is against Her.
Being a brilliant teacher and written we expect an unbiased writings from you Sir
God Bless

Aditya Oswal said...

Does her saying whatever matter so much that so many people had to react on it? Including you!? If you'll go out on street you'll hear 100 times more outrageous things. So, instead of glorifying it over and over we should take the matter as it actually is and ignore it like we daily do.