17 January 2021

GK Topics for Interviews at B-Schools, Banks, & Civil Services

This is my first post in almost a year. From today I will make it a norm to blog. 

This post is for those who are preparing for Interviews at India's leading b-schools. An interview is, usually, a free-ranging conversation. I am sharing my list of important GK areas to have a better crack at b-school interviews. 

International Issues – Politics, Economics, & Social

  • U.S.: American elections, politics and policies of Donald Trump, violence at U.S. Capitol, names of members of Joe Biden administration. 
  • China: Belt & Road Initiative (BRI), militarization of South China Sea, political & military muscle-flexing, economic problems in China, aging, repression at home (like crushing of dissent - Jack Ma), Coronavirus related issues. 
  • West Asia: Recognition of Israel by leading Arab powers; nuclear ambitions of Iran; normalization of relations between Saudi Arabia and Qatar; Yemen conflict.
  • Korean Peninsula: Political contrasts between North Korea and South Korea; North Korean nuclear & missile games; South Korea K-Pop culture.
  • Assorted Issues: Brexit and its impact on the UK, elections in Uganda, Swedish strategy in handling COVID, and Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

National Issues – Politics, Economics, & Social

  • Indian Economy: GDP growth pangs, problems facing the Indian economy, important facts and figures.
  • Farm bills: Highlights and controversial issues.
  • Stimulus packages: Highlights and various measures, especially concerning MSMEs.
  • COVID: Spread and impact on people, healthcare, governance, and economy (with focus on Mumbai and Kerala models)
  • Assorted Issues: West Bengal politics, environmental issues, and infrastructure problems.

This is not an exhaustive list, but I am sure this will provide you with basic preparation issues for interviews at b-schools. 

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