25 October 2011

10 Things You Should Know - Episode I

Every week, I will share with you a list of 10 things I believe you should know. These will feature varied issues, including that anything tickles my curiosity. So here we go with the first such post. 

  1. France is often referred to as l’Hexagone (‘The Hexagon’) because of the geometric shape of its territory.
  1. Germany, with 81.8 million inhabitants, is the most populous member state in the European Union.
  1. Haiti was the first independent nation in Latin America and the first black-led republic in the world when it gained independence as part of a successful slave revolution in 1804.
  1. China is the world’s largest consumer of energy. In 2010, its share in global energy consumption was 20.3%, thus surpassing the United States.
  1. Brendan Eich is the creator of the JavaScript programming language. He is the Chief Technology Officer at the Mozilla Corporation. JavaScript was originally called Mocha, then called LiveScript.
  1. FIAT stands for Fabbrica Italiano Automobili Torino. 
  1. Commander James Bond is an intelligence officer of the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS; commonly known as MI6). He was created in January 1952 by British journalist Ian Fleming while on holiday at his Jamaican estate, Goldeneye. The hero was named after the American ornithologist James Bond, a Caribbean bird expert and author of the definitive field guide book Birds of the West Indies. Fleming, a keen birdwatcher, had a copy of Bond's field guide at Goldeneye. Of the name, Fleming once said in a Reader's Digest interview, "I wanted the simplest, dullest, plainest-sounding name I could find, 'James Bond' was much better than something more interesting, like 'Peregrine Carruthers.' Exotic things would happen to and around him, but he would be a neutral figure — an anonymous, blunt instrument wielded by a government department."  
  1. Ladakh, with an area of 86904 sq km, is India’s largest district. Ladakh means ‘land of high passes’.
  1. Gujarat has the longest coastline of 1600 km, with Andhra Pradesh in the second place with 972 km.
  1. Amitabh Bachchan is the most-nominated performer in any major acting category at Filmfare, with 36 nominations overall. He has won four National Awards and 14 Filmfare Awards.


    Mark. said...

    Good work...waiting for the next 10.

    Dheep Joy said...

    Thank you sir. :) :)

    Jigar said...

    Great facts, sir.
    would surely make the mind of an enthusiast running ! :)
    awaiting the next interesting list ! :)

    Sirish said...

    Though people refer France as Hexagon, for me it always looks like Pentagon :(

    TIME TO BLOG ! ! ! ! said...

    nice work sir...eager for the next 10 :D

    Srijith Vallathol said...

    Errrr...Ladakh is a region not a district. Kutch in Gujrat is the largest district spanning 45652 sq km. Ladakh region consists of Leh and Kargil districts. Leh district is the second largest with an area of 45110 sq km.
    Nice one nevertheless :)

    Bharat C. Jain said...

    Thanks, Srijith, for pointing out the error. Appreciate it!

    Unknown said...
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