25 January 2013

The Rothschilds Family - Do they own the world?

Conspiracy theories may sound improbable yet they are fascinating, else they would not sustain our interest. 

Let me share yet another major conspiracy theory: that the world is controlled by one major banker family - the Rothschilds! 

A few weeks back, I read this interesting piece on the Business Insider website on how the Rothschilds created modern finance and a vast fortune that has lasted for centuries. In fact, the Rothschilds are considered to be the richest family in all of history.

Seen in the picture above is Emma Georgina Rothschild, an economic historian at Harvard and an honorary professor at Cambridge. She also serves as a trustee to the Rothschild Archive, a London-based center for research into the family. She is married to the Nobel-prize winning economist Amartya Sen. 

Also check this photo-show to meet the remaining heirs of the legendary Rothschild family.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yes both the Rockfellers and Rothschild currently control the world economy. Check on youtube 'House of Rothschild-Money Prophets'..

They have their own agenda of creating a 'one world government'.. For which they are using 'Global Warming' and 'Terrorism' as a means to succeed.. and we are supporting them unknowingly..

The 'Orwellian State' is in its final stages..