01 January 2013

Keep the Learning Curve Steep

The world around us is always in a flux. Unless we are adaptable and keep ourselves abreast of the latest around us, we will be left behind; no, not behind as in the rat race sense, but in not using our potential to keep the learning curve steep. 

We need to bear in mind that success does not come cheap; rather it comes from pushing ourselves hard, backed by sustained passion and a keen sense of learning. 

In the pursuit of our aspirations, we may falter; it is pretty ok to fail. What’s not ok is the lack of willingness to learn from such failure.

Aspire. Start working today to realize your aspirations. It may be true that we may not enjoy the same degree of comfort in the various things that we do. That's ok. 

To prepare for a highly competitive future, resolve to put in a determined effort, sharpen your mental strengths and fine-tune your weaknesses (that often hold you back). 

Be prepared ‘to be wrong’. Do not take yourself too seriously; however, remember that what we need to cultivate is a 'seriousness of purpose'. 

My best wishes for a year of learning and fulfillment of aspirations. Nourish the tree of knowledge.

Be passionate. Work hard. Keep learning.


Balaji Venkatesh said...

Sir, just saw your first 2013 post. It was really good. I have been a bit down with the IIFT results, but your post has inspired me to work hard for the next XAT exam.
Thank you sir.

Rohith castelino said...

Hello Sir,
Wish you a Very Happy New year!!! I hope, with this post there will be numerous post expected this year, I wish good luck to bjnocabbages

Astra said...

Happy New Year Sir:-)

Unknown said...

happy new year sir....i hope their will be more posts in this year......