04 April 2013

"I lost it," admits Rahul Gandhi

Today, i.e., 4 April, Rahul Gandhi delivered a talk at the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). Normally, most speakers at these kinds of business forums are those whose views not just matter but more importantly, they reflect clarity of thought and vision. 

I understand that it would be too much to expect Rahul Gandhi to exhibit these qualities. And at the CII, he did not exceed those expectations.

I think he forgot that he was speaking to industrialists who were looking for some clarity on economic policies of the UPA government. The Indian economy is experiencing its worst phase in the last decade or so, with both GDP and industrial production consistently nose-diving quarter after quarter.

Rahul rambled, fumbled, and made a mockery of a great PR chance. His PR managers must be having a harrowing time; either they are seriously dumb (or acting dumb) or they just do not know how to get it right for their VIP client.Or is it just a case of a bad student-client?

Rahul said that he does not want to be politician who matters, or PM or something like that. He need not worry about the future; going by the way, he is 'leading' the Congress party, he will have no future as a politician who matters.

At one point in his talk, he mentioned the great "Jhansi Ki Rani" as "Rani ki Jhansi" and later, looking for a page of the ghost-written speech (by Jairam Ramesh?), he fumbled and said, "I LOST IT". 

I think he lost it long back. Finally, he is beginning to be honest about it. 

Watch the video below for the "I lost it" moment.


Anonymous said...

Spare the poor chap..and for goodsake dont expect anything from a non-graduate person!
#thats why_NaMo

Avinash K said...

LoL! great example to go against Dynasty Politics in Group Discussions ;)