22 November 2011

10 Things You Should Know - Episode V

Here’s Episode V of 10 Things You Should Know; I wrote this instalment at Delhi airport, waiting for my flight to Jaipur.

  • What do you call an older man having a much younger girlfriend? Cradle-snatcher.

  • The motto of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is ‘Nation shall speak peace unto nation’.

  • John Lennon, one of the greatest song writers and member of the Beatles, used the pseudonym ‘Kaptain Kundalini’ in his musical works. I suggest you listen to John Lennon’s Imagine; it is divine.

  • The small enclosed area used in the sport of Cock-fighting called Cockpit.

  • ‘In-q-tel’ is the venture capital arm of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

  • Jesus Wept is the shortest verse in the Bible. In tennis, Jesus Wept refers to mini tennis skirts.

  • Marilyn Monroe was the first pin-up in Playboy magazine, launched by Hugh Hefner in 1953.
  • When Netaji Subhash Bose reorganised the Indian National Army (INA), he placed his soldiers under three commands: Gandhi, Nehru and Maulana Azad.

  • Barbecue, a type of cooking, is named after a Spanish word meaning ‘framework of sticks’.
  • It is general practice, especially among the religious Christians, to polish or wipe apples before eating. Do you know why? To wipe away the devil’s finger-marks on the skin, to avoid misfortune. This originates from the belief that Satan gave Eve an apple to eat.
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1 comment:

Sandeep said...

I think even an older woman having a much younger boyfriend is also called a cradle-snatcher.
John Lennon's 'Imagine' is truly divine. Wish the world is like that.