28 February 2012

Tuesday Reads - The Best of Politics, Economics, & Ideas

  • The probability of an attack on Iran’s nuclear programme has been increasing. But the chances of it ending the country’s nuclear ambitions are low, says The Economist. In this context I suggest you read my February 11 article, The Explainer: Will Israel attack Iran? on the much-debated Israeli plans for an attack on Iran. 
  • Wikileaks has released thousands of secret emails belonging to Stratfor, a private intelligence agency which is often described as a "shadow CIA".
  • Rahul Gandhi's Lost Widows are haunted by debt and starvation in Vidharbha. This is an old article but is highly relevant today. (India Today)
  • "Incalculable dangers if Greek plan is rejected", warns Germany's Angela Merkel. (Bloomberg)  

DC's Subhani
 has an interesting take on the prospects of a hung assembly in Uttar Pradesh. 

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