15 February 2012

Wednesday Evening Reads - The Best of Politics, Economics, & Ideas

On Feb 11 I wrote The Explainer: Will Israel attack Iran?. Since then there have been bombings targeting Israeli diplomats in New Delhi, Tbilisi (Georgia's capital) and Bangkok. These attacks have been blamed by Israel on Iran. 

In view of the international sanctions against Iran, here is an interesting infographic from Reuters

  • Now play Angry Birds on Facebook. (CNN)
  • Disillusioned Maoist fighters of Nepal. (BBC
  • Greece heads for record books as economy slumps (Reuters


Anand said...

buddy can u find and upload an INDIA EXPORT IMPORT INFOGRAPHIC if u find one?
would be very helpful.

Keep up the good work.

abbansal said...

Hey Bharat
I am regular reader of this blog.and i find this blog really helpful in my GD PI Preparation.
Since you haven't posted for last 4 days this is more kinda miss you comment :D